July 11, 2006


The other night, Short Exact had a strong craving for some omakase deliciousness, and so we headed over to Murasaki, one of our favorite sushi bars in San Francisco. Located on the bustling stretch of inner Clement, Murasaki is a serious, no-nonsense establishment, serving excellent preparations of traditional sushi and cooked dishes. Fans of “hip” fusion rolls will want to look elsewhere, but lovers of traditional (but nonetheless creative and impeccably prepared) dishes and nigiri will be at home here.


Toshi-san delivered to Short Exact a delicious omakase, with a creative assortment of varied dishes, and always pristine fish. Some of the highlights were a deep, rich anago and a delicious preparation of katsuo (bonito) with garlic and ponzu. There was also a wonderfully flavorful and delicately textured aji toro from Japan that we would highly recommend you order, should you find it on Toshi-san’s special white board. The sushi rice here is well done, with the flavor being very complementary to the fish. A standard omakase at Murasaki runs about $50 per person, which is certainly not inexpensive, but the price is actually quite reasonable, given the number of courses and the quality of the fish used.

Upon repeated visits to Murasaki, Short Exact noticed that many San Francisco sushi chefs choose to dine here on their off days, which is surely as good an endorsement as any. Toshi-san is a very kind man, and it’s a pleasure to chat with him at the sushi bar. And since his restaurant stays open until midnight, Murasaki is one of very few places in the city where one can have sushi of this caliber late at night. However, most importantly, Toshi-san is a true master of his art, and with many years of training in Japan and even more years of experience under his belt, the best way to experience what he can do is really to simply put yourself in his hands: the omakase will provide a memorable dining experience for those who love and appreciate traditional, classic sushi.



211 Clement Street (near 3rd Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415.668.7317
Hours: Mon-Sat, 5:00 pm – 12:00 midnight; Sun, 5:00-10:00 pm.

Cuisine: Japanese
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond

How to get there: Murasaki is served directly by Muni line 2, and is within easy walking distance of lines 1, 4, 33, 38, and 44.


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