Victor’s Pizzeria

November 19, 2006


Victor’s is a fun, casual pizzeria and Italian restaurant located in the Polk Gulch neighborhood. Technically, the name of this eatery is not just “Victor’s Pizzeria” (as we’ve titled this review), but rather the full name is “Victor’s Pizzeria & Restaurant.” To be sure, the menu includes a great deal more than just pizza, including all the expected pastas, and standard entrees such as veal picatta, chicken marsala, and chicken parmigiana. The restaurant also serves gnocchi, fettucini, and a selection of seafood based linguini dishes. So there is definitely more than just pizza, and to reflect this fact, we’ve filed this review in both the Pizza and Italian cuisine categories. (One note: the entrees are all priced above $10, which is why the price range of this restaurant could extend into $$ territory.) Nonetheless, the real draw here are the pizza and calzone. The entrees are perfectly serviceable, but they are not unique, and the restaurant itself has very little atmosphere. The pizza here is the strong point, and our favorite way to pay Victor’s a visit is just to grab a to-go slice.

Calling it a “to-go slice” is a bit redundant, because at Victor’s, you are not even allowed to sit down at a table if you order by the slice; tables are reserved for those ordering full pizzas or entrees. When ordering by the slice, one can choose from a couple dozen toppings. Available cheeses are mozzarella and feta; available vegetables include eggplant, mushrooms, olives, tomato, peppers, and spinach. The meats include pepperoni, anchovies, sausage, ham, and salami. In addition, they have a variety of specials; the Victor’s Special is especially popular.

We recently dropped by Victor’s and ordered a standby basic mozzarella slice:


At $2.50, this was a solid slice of pizza. The crust was perhaps ever slightly thicker than what would one find on a standard New York slice, and it was a bit softer and chewier than we would have preferred, but it was definitely good. The bottom of the slice was pleasantly crunchy and charred, and the slice, as a whole, did a fine job of standing up to folding. The marinara sauce (a nice mix of tomato, parsley, and garlic) is quite flavorful and very herby. To be honest, we would tire of this sauce if we were to order a whole pie, but it is quite tasty for just one slice. The slice was cheesily delicious, but not excessively greasy. Short Exact found this to be $2.50 well spent.

The late night hours on Friday and Saturday make it a convenient choice as a part of a night of revelry in Polk Gulch (although they do close earlier than the bars), and as an extra benefit, they even deliver! Plus, they’ve been in business since 1954, so they must be doing something right. All in all, Victor’s is a solid, comfy neighborhood joint serving up tasty pizza slices; it is definitely a good choice if you’re in the area.



1411 Polk Street (between Pine St. and California St.)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: 415.885.1660
Hours: Sun-Thurs, 11:00 am – 11:30 pm; Fri-Sat, 11:00 am – 12:30 am.

Cuisine: Pizza, Italian
Neighborhood: Polk Gulch/Van Ness

How to get there: Victor’s Pizzeria is located right on Muni line 19 and is less than a block south of the California Street cable car line. Within about four blocks are lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 27, 38, 47, 49, and 76.



  1. Ugh, Davis needs a good pizza place that isn’t a chain.

  2. I love the beautiful picture noodles in your new header! Also, thanks for the pizza tip, I am always looking for great “to-go slices” in the City.

  3. This hardly seems like enough to give a rating on – all you ate is one of their pre-cooked to-go slices. We’ve eaten the pizza (fresh from the oven) and pasta at Victor’s and have found it to be surprisingly good.

  4. Mike, you certainly raise a good point, but the rating is actually based on more than just one slice of pizza. That’s all that was described in detail in this post (since that’s all I happened to order on my last visit there), but the rating is also partially based on other visits I made prior to writing this post. You might think of the rating as an average of sorts.

    Victor’s pasta is fine, but even all you’ve said is that it is “surprisingly good” — which doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement to me. The entrees aren’t bad here, but I wouldn’t make a point of ordering them. The star rating is slightly tilted in the positive direction, so 2.5 stars is actually above average, which was appropriate based on my experiences.

  5. Hi, as an old customer of Victor’s, I mean since 30 years ago, and all the recomendations that I have made to the friends and relatives, I wonder how you don’t have Iranians on your Cuisines list.
    Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year for everyone at Victor’s.
    Kind regards,
    Mansour A. Beni

  6. This is one of the best deals if you like a nice, charred thin pie, though anything you like, they got! I ask them to make it just the way i like and 15 minutes bingo. Work as a flight attendant and i never pass up this place. I’ve got a write up for every decent pizza joint in the us and canada. Victor’s on polk is one of the best out of many many places. restaurant is quite cozy too, if you have a little more time to sit a spell.


  7. I love this place, NEW YORK! I notice you only have six(6)comments here but if you look on Google you’ll see over two(2)pages of five(5)stars!

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