Official Launch of Blogsoop SF

March 14, 2007

If you’re like us, you are probably simultaneously excited and frustrated by the food blogging scene based in the San Francisco Bay Area — excited, because there are just so dang many of them, ranging in topic from recipes to restaurant reviews to food travels to just some good, old-fashioned (and new-fangled) food porn — but also frustrated, because, once again, there are just so dang many of them. New ones seem to pop up everyday, and there are so many good ones, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with them while simultaneously leading a life that includes a few iotas of time away from the computer and the Internet. (I know: life not on the Internet? To be honest, we’re not actually sure that this mysterious other-world exists, but there is increasing evidence which suggests that it does. We promise that if we learn something definitive, you will be the first to know.)

Fortunately, a new website called Blogsoop has finally launched in San Francisco. The site is the brainchild of Douglas Cress; Doug lives in New York City, so, naturally the first site created was Blogsoop New York. Just a few months later, though, he has tackled another major food blogging epicenter, and Blogsoop San Francisco has finally officially launched, and it’s already looking mighty spiffy.

Blogsoop is most easily described as a restaurant review site. In particular, it collects the restaurant reviews that bloggers post and then organizes them by restaurant, creating a fast and efficient way to read lots of material about a given restaurant of interest. We know what you’re probably thinking: “finally!” — because that is exactly what we thought when we first heard about Blogsoop. In general, we’ve found that because food bloggers are truly passionate about their choice of topic, blog restaurant reviews tend to be more useful and thorough than those found on sites like Citysearch and Yelp, which often contain short (and completely unhelpful) descriptions like “the food was good, but the service was only so-so,” without elaborating about what was good or what was so-so. Blogsoop may list fewer reviews for a given restaurant, but the quality of those reviews tends to be higher — and blogger reviews also often include food porn not found on those established review sites. This makes Blogsoop an excellent resource, because the writings of many bloggers are available instantly, without having to do any long Google searches.

In reality, though, Blogsoop is more than just a restaurant review site. There’s a forum and chat aspect as well, which we hope will build more community among food bloggers, as well as between food bloggers and their readers. In addition to finding the restaurant reviews that bloggers post, the site also makes available the complete feeds of these bloggers, even for posts that are not, strictly speaking, restaurant reviews. In the short period of time we’ve perused this site, we’ve already:

  • Been alerted when bloggers we read regularly wrote new posts
  • Re-discovered bloggers that we once ran into but had forgotten
  • Discovered new blogs we hadn’t seen before

So really, you can just use Blogsoop as an alternative (or at least a healthy supplement) to the “food blog” section of your feed reader — and this is exactly what we intend to do.

As you’ve probably already deduced, Doug has graciously included reviews from the Short Exact Guide as part of the website, which is one reason why we’ve written this little spiel about Blogsoop. (Note: in addition to this post, we’ve added Blogsoop to our blogroll and to the Promotionals page.) But if you are sitting at your computer reading this post then you already know about Short Exact, so we definitely encourage you to check out Blogsoop to discover new bloggers you may not have read before. We’re very excited about this new development in the San Francisco food blog scene, and we can’t wait to dive in.



  1. I say you gather all the SF food bloggers for a big battle royal death match. We dump all of you on Alcatraz, with a satchle with food, water, and a random weapon.

    Last 15 alive get to continue blogging. We can televise it to raise money for a food bank!

  2. Haha that might be fun, except it sounds a bit too much like Survivor for my taste 😉

    Great idea to use the funds for a food bank, though.

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