Welcome to the Short Exact Guide, your definitive source for discriminating reviews of the dizzying array of restaurants found in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re glad you’ve found your way here!

For your convenience, our reviews have been filed into a few organization schemes. In addition to an alphabetical listing, restaurants are also organized (i) by neighborhood, (ii) by cuisine, and (iii) by rank, according to our star ratings. If you’re interested in a particular cuisine or neighborhood, you can use the links in the sidebar at the right. You may have noticed that the current list of cuisines and neighborhoods is not quite complete. Never fear: as we continue to add reviews to this website, these lists will expand!

In addition to a review, each restaurant we visit is given a star rating (from 1 to 5). To learn more about our criteria when evaluating and rating restaurants, please see the Rating System page. In addition, here are the current Restaurant Rankings.

Here at Short Exact, we are not a professional food critic, nor are we involved in the food industry in any way. Short Exact is simply an everyday, law-abiding citizen who has a passion for exploring our planet’s diverse and inexhaustible cuisines, and who is excited to present his dining experiences in a way that he hopes is both useful and meaningful to you. Since we are not famous, preserving anonymity while dining in restaurants is not difficult for us. In addition, please note that Short Exact has no affiliation with any of the restaurants presented here, nor do we receive free meals from restaurants in exchange for a nice review. These reviews are simply a reflection of our opinion, and like you, we pay for each and every one of the meals you’ll read about here from our own pocketses…er, pockets. (Sorry about that Gollum slip! It does happen to us every once in awhile.) We believe that making this very real investment in our dining experiences gives us a very different perspective on dining from, say, the Michael Bauers of the world.

One last note: is there a restaurant that doesn’t have a review yet, but that you’d love to see one for? Any culinary stories you’d like to share? Ideas, comments, suggestions? Please, don’t be a stranger. We won’t bite (unless you happen to have a powerful Ring of ours that was cruelly stolen from us awhile back).

We hope that you enjoy perusing the reviews. Come back soon and often!

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