On this page, we’ll discuss and promote cool Internet sites and offers related to the Bay Area restaurant scene:

  • BLOGSOOP: Blogsoop is a website which collects restaurant reviews written by bloggers and organizes them by restaurant, making it easy to read a substantial amount of material about a given restaurant, written by many bloggers. The website also includes forum/chat capabilities, enabling users to discuss their favorite restaurants. The site started in late 2006 in New York City but has since launched a San Francisco site in March 2007. As you might expect, reviews from The Short Exact Guide are represented on Blogsoop. To read full details about the launch of Blogsoop, please check out this post.
  • COZMO CARDS: The 2007 deck of Cozmo Cards is now available! If you aren’t familiar with these, you’ll want to click on that link, but it amounts to this: you can purchase a standard deck of Cozmo Cards for $30.00, or you can purchase a customizable deck for $65.00, and then use these cards for discounts at a whole slew of great San Francisco restaurants — including several restaurants we’ve meaning to write reviews for, such as 415, Mamacita, and many more. You can check out the complete listing on the linked site. There’s an extra perk, though, as Cozmo Cards has offered a cool deal to readers of The Short Exact Guide. When you purchase your deck of Cozmo Cards (using the above link), the order form will have a field asking for a coupon code. In that field, make sure to type in the code


  • and you’ll get 10% off on your deck. Pretty cool, huh? So, definitely make sure you check out the Cozmo Cards.

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